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Congratulations, you have a gifted and talented child! Now get ready for a vigorous and
stressful admissions process into a NYC Gifted and Talented Program!  We offer the smart way
to get through this grueling process and to ensure your child's future academic success.

Now you need to select a program to prepare your youngster for this very demanding admissions
test while she/he might be still getting distracted, refusing to do exercises, or forgetting a concept
or a word. Although she/he is still very bright and capable kid, she/he may still need test
preparation for the gifted and talented admission test to perform at the 99th percentile to have a
chance to be selected.
Trust our NYC Gifted and Talented NNAT OLSAT Test Prep
Program which is based on research-proven methods of strengthening and
enhancing cognitive skills such as attention, concentration, short term memory,
visual and auditory processing, quick thinking, and reaction speed.

We can help to make your NYC gifted and talented program admissions experience less stressful.
It is never too early to start preparing for the TAG (talented and gifted) and GATE (gifted and
talented education) admissions tests such as IQ, NNAT, OLSAT.

In addition to our effective NYC Gifted and Talented OLSAT NNAT Test Prep Program, we also
provide IQ testing, cognitive testing, and academic achievement testing to children of all
ages to maximize OLSAT and NNAT test preparation. You can determine whether your child
scores in the high average, superior, or very superior range of the IQ continuum.  Allow your
youngster to become familiar with the testing experience and ease test anxiety.

Neuropsychologists are specifically trained in and experienced to assess and test very
young children, we administer IQ tests, such as WPPSI, to children as young as 2-3 years of age.
You can obtain IQ test scores and/or academic test scores for your gifted and talented youngster
now, way before the actual admissions IQ (WPPSI, WISC, SB5), NNAT, OLSAT, and ERB test.
It does not matter how old is your child now, as IQ test scores are always compared to the
current age norms.  We will not administer IQ test right before your actual sitting for the IQ test at
the ERB.

We will not administer the actual NNAT and OLSAT - these tests will be formally administered at
the school or at a local ERB center. However, you can
prepare your child to display his/her
full intellectual and learning potential in the gifted range by increasing familiarity
with the overall testing process, decreasing test anxiety, and improving attention,
focus and compliance with questions-answer format, and ability to sit for
prolonged period of time

Your youngster needs to demonstrate well developed abilities in these critical areas of cognitive
functioning and academic achievement:

•        Verbal Reasoning
•        Non-Verbal Reasoning
•        Logic, Critical Thinking
•        Attention, Short -term Memory
•        Arithmetic, Reaction Speed
•        Word Knowledge          

NYC Department of Education offers NNAT and OLSAT preparation manual to help parents
prepare for the admissions application process and prepare their children for NNAT and OLSAT.
A few sample questions from the actual NNAT and OLSAT are offered by the Department of
Education (
download free NYC Gifted and Talented NNAT OLSAT Test Prep sample questions
from NYC Dept. of Education site).

GATE acronym stands for gifted and talented education. TAG acronym stands for talented and
gifted. Schools use terms GATE and TAG to refer specific admissions tests administered to
gifted and talented youngsters in order to determine if they qualify for the gifted and talented
program. Some school districts have a specific name for their gifted program (e.g., Enrichment,
Eagle, Prism, etc). Read more about
NYC gifted and talented program application process.

Students with strong reasoning skills learn faster, absorb and retain information more easily, and
obtain better test scores.  Thus, the gifted program admissions testing process focuses on
general intellect and potential for a successful learning and academic performance, including
reasoning, sequencing, logic, critical thinking, reaction speed, fund of knowledge, word
knowledge, information processing, and short term working memory.  

Many school districts require children to obtain high admissions test scores on any test from this
list of standardized test to qualify for the gifted and talented educational program:

Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (NNAT)
Otis-Lenon School Abilities Test (OLSAT)
Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-V (WISC-V) - IQ test
Wechsler Preschool and Primary Intelligence Scale (WPPSI-IV) - IQ test
Stanford-Binet-5th Edition (SB5) - IQ test

In New York, OLSAT and NNAT are required for admissions to the city and private gifted and
talented programs. The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition (SB5), is an IQ test
required for admissions only to The Hunter College Elementary School in NYC. Most other
schools require other IQ tests (WPPSI, WISC). All these IQ tests (WPPSI, WISC, SB5) are
standardized tests of intelligence for very young and older children and are routinely used by
neuropsychologists as a part of a
comprehensive neuropsychological testing and assessment.

Some gifted and talented children may have some cognitive or academic skills that are slightly
weaker than the rest of their cognitive and academic skills. We can help to "pull up" the weak
skills and reinforce the strong skills in order to maximize your child's NNAT OLSAT test
performance and future academic learning potential. Thus, it is always beneficial to start
preparing for NYC GATE (gifted and talented)  and TAG (talented and gifted) admissions early,
so that your child has time to develop and strengthen his reasoning, attention, memory, and
overall academic and cognitive skills.

Call us to schedule a private consultation to learn all about our unique and effective NYC Gifted
and Talented NNAT OLSAT Test Prep Program which would help to decrease test anxiety,
increase confidence and, most importantly, boost NNAT OLSAT NYC gifted and talented program
admissions test scores. This is the smart way to ensure your child's future academic success.  
yet, he was failing all his classes. Despite his
ability as a gifted student, he was unable to
deal with emotional issues that hindered his
school work. Later, he was diagnosed as a
student with an emotional disorder.

Another student, John, had a similar IQ. He
was doing better than Jake; however,
memory processing disorders caused by a
traumatic brain injury as a child led to
incomplete or sloppy assignments, missing
homework, and terrible test scores.....

Gifted students are often overlooked as
potentially having a learning disability."

We see many very bright kids who have very
unevenly developed cognitive skills, which,
on one hand, make them gifted and talented,
but on another hand, pose tremendous
difficulty completing certain academic and
daily tasks. A comprehensive assessment
helps to identify such strengths and
weaknesses early on so you can work on
improving the weaknesses.
OLSAT & NNAT Update:

We are proud to announce that all of our
bright kids scored above 90th percentile
and many scored at 98-99th percentile!
Hard work and determination paid off. Good
luck starting G&T programs this Fall!
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