Dr.Danov Neuropsychologist P.C.
Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychology
Our treatment is private, discrete and effective, to provide you with the
needed assistance in overcoming and compensating cognitive deficits in
atmosphere of personal comfort, privacy and confidentiality you deserve
during these trying times.
The goal of Cognitive Rehabilitation treatment is to improve and rehabilitate memory, attention,
reasoning, information processing, organization, comprehension, retention, focus,
understanding, and thinking abilities, and, thus, improve functioning in all aspects of personal
and professional life. Rehabilitation treatment may be
restorative (focus on retraining and
improving impaired memory, attention, reasoning, organization, thinking, information processing
skills). It can also be
compensatory (teaching strategies and techniques to cope with existing
impairment in memory, organization, thinking, processing, attention, and sustained focus), or a
combination of both.

Cognitive Rehabilitation is commonly used for the treatment of patients with a history of
traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, mild cognitive impairment, neuro-toxic exposure,
and other neurological conditions that cause cognitive impairments. Rehabilitation is a non-
medicinal treatment that involves individually tailored cognitive exercises developed by a
Neuropsychologist to retrain and/or improve impaired focus, memory, organization, reasoning,
thinking, and processing skills.

Cognitive rehabilitation treatment is provided only by a neuropsychologist who works to improve
impaired memory, thinking, processing abilities, which ultimately improves ability to perform
activities of daily living through the repeated use of exercises of increasing difficulty.

Cognitive rehabilitation treatment differs greatly from self-initiated, home based cognitive
exercises, such as computer games, puzzles, etc., wherein you do not get the benefit of
objective assessment of impaired skills and precisely developed exercises to improve your
impaired abilities.  According to the
National Institutes of Health (NIH), the most effective
cognitive rehabilitation treatment interventions for brain injury are those that are structured,
systematic, goal-directed, and individualized. We offer only individual, private sessions for
maximum effect.

Group Psychotherapy

Mindfulness Meditation Group

For adults with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, attention/concentration
difficulties, emotion regulation and distress tolerance difficulties. Goals: • Increases acceptance
of uncomfortable physical and emotional states •Improves ability to orient and maintain attention
•Improves ability to process information accurately and quickly •Decreases stress, anxiety, and
depression •Improves ability to regulate emotional reactions •Increases empathy and cultivate
self- and other-compassion •Improves sleep. CALL 718-921-1922 to schedule.

Parent Support & Educational Group

For parents of children with autism spectrum disorders, PDD, LD, ADHD, mental retardation,
special needs. Goals: Psychoeducation (e.g., reasonable vs. unreasonable expectations) -
Acceptance of their child’s diagnosis -Navigating daily logistics related to their child’s diagnosis -
Processing emotions related to diagnosis (anger, guilt, shame) - Stress on family unit. CALL
718-921-1922 to schedule.

Pre-teen and Teen Social Skills Group

For 7-12 year olds with Borderline IQ, ADHD, Asperger’s, PDD, LD, High functioning Autism.
Exclusion criteria: Mental Retardation, nonverbal child with Autism. Goals: fundamental skills,
social initiation skills, getting along with others, coping with disabilities, reading social cues,
regulating emotions and behavior, social response skills. Includes education, modeling, support.
CALL 718-921-1922 to schedule.
Victim of a Brain Injury or a
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