Dr.Danov Neuropsychologist P.C.
Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychology
Our evaluations are private, discrete and thorough, and provide you with
the needed personal comfort, privacy and confidentiality you deserve.

First, during the clinical interview, neuropsychologist discusses with the reason for referral, chief
complaints and symptoms, and records demographic information, personal and family medical
history, and other relevant information.  Based on the information collected, the
neuropsychologist decides which tests to administer.  

Next, the patient undergoes  3-4  one-on-one testing appointments lasting up to 2 hours each. All
tests administered during this exam are non-intrusive and involve such tasks as answering
questions and arranging the blocks, as well as various paper-and-pencil exercises. No needles or
electronic equipment are used.

Next, the neuropsychologist scores the test data, compares personal test data to the age norm,
analyses the test results, and prepares a report of findings. Lastly, during the final consultation,
the neuropsychologist discusses the results, diagnosis or diagnostic impressions, and treatment
recommendations. The patients are encouraged to ask questions and assume an active role in
addressing their cognitive symptoms.

Psychoeducational evaluation also includes academic tests to assess reading, writing and math
skills, including reading rate and fluency, reading comprehension, math fluency, verbal math
problem solving, essay writing, and grammar.

All parts of the NP exam are confidential, and no information is released to schools or other
agencies without your written request, with the exception of your health insurance company that
reserves the right to inspect your assessment results for up to 6-7 years after you used this
insurance to pay for your assessment. This insurance regulation applies to all providers of health
services and is not exclusive to our services.
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